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[Story] Improve the set of language codes available for monolingual text values
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For monolingual text values, we currently support the language codes known to MediaWiki (416 language codes on 2015-01-26) plus 4 special ISO 639-2 codes (und, mis, mul, zxx).

As a user, I want to:

  • Be able to look at no longer valid data (language code was in use previously but has been removed since)
  • Neither see nor be able to use bad language codes while editing
  • Be able to use all the language codes I need and be able to easily request missing language codes

Event Timeline

adrianheine raised the priority of this task from to Medium.
adrianheine updated the task description. (Show Details)
adrianheine added a project: Wikidata.

Suggested task breakdown:

  • Find out what's currently used on Wikidata
  • Make sure no longer valid data is still supported
  • Remove universally bad codes
    • Make sure that's reflected in JS by hard-code removing them in JS as well
  • Document how to get more codes added and link it at mono user doc
  • Add already-requested codes

List of used monolingual text languages in all wikibase snaks P2526