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[SPIKE] How do we measure the impact of lazily loading images
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It's intuitively true that not loading assets when they aren't needed will be beneficial to users with unstable/low-bandwidth connections. However, we should be able to demonstrate this.

We have with which we can see there are 1.355MiB of images in the Barack Obama page and track first render time on this page via webpagetest.


  • What part of the story is missing from the dashboard?
  • What do we need to capture and measure in order to demonstrate benefit of this work
  • Do we have existing instrumentation to help us measure the impact, if any, of this work? Is it possible to add any?
  • Who will do this? Performance team or reading?

Duration: 4hrs

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We will enable for 1% users in production (T127883) and look at impact on navigation timing results on global traffic