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Need to preserve or normalize underscore characters in expressions.
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I created both definitions appearing on the page [[Expression:Dat sėn Jeschmakßaache, hät dä Buur jesaat, doh hätt e singe Koh der Aasch jebütz.]] at the moment, that is

  • [[DefinedMeaning:Dat sėn Jeschmakßaache, hät dä Buur jesaat, doh hätt e singe Koh der Aasch jebütz. (1257670)]] and
  • [[DefinedMeaning:Dat sėn Jeschmakßaache, hät dä Buur jesaat, doh hätt e singe Koh der Aasch jebütz. (1257675)]]

The respective URLs are:

I see no difference between the two, thus imho, the 2nd on should not have been created, even though I knowingly made two tries. Experience with other pages showed up to now that saving the same data twice would not duplicate it, and that I could easily add different or even overlapping data from two browser windows to one page concurrently without duplcating something. No so this time.

Since I came from the page [[DefinedMeaning:Watt_dämm_Eijn_sing_Uhl_is_dämm_Andere_sing_Nachtijall._(1257659)]], where the above had been present already as an expression having "not identical meaning", I was wondering that its syntrans have "identical maning"s were not already automatically added to the new page with "not identical meaning", which I had expected, and which I had in mind having seen working this way before.

I believe, the problem is caused by the fact that software modified the original expression

fromDat sėn Jeschmakßaache, hät_dä Buur jesaat, doh hätt_e singe Koh der Aasch jebütz.
toDat sėn Jeschmakßaache, hät dä Buur jesaat, doh hätt e singe Koh der Aasch jebütz

on its way from a data base entry, through a link, through an URL, to a character string being searched in the database. Each of "_", "%20", and a space character are mapped to a space character. This poses no problem since the underscore ("_") is rarely used in written language. Unfortunately, I copied the above string from the ksh Wikipedia, where we use underscores to denote liaison, and some syllable borders, so as to enhance readability, and to be a bit closer to spoken language, which often greatly reduces ambiguities, since word flow and intonation quite strongly determine meaning - often you negate a sentence by just shifting stress and choosing another melody for it (c.f. Ferdinand Münch: Grammatik der ripuarisch-fränkischen Mundart. Cohen, Bonn 1904, Saendig Reprint, Wiesbanden 1970, ISBN 3-500-21670-6 eg.), so the unmarked written form is highly ambiguous without context.

We do not have to use "_", and it usually does not appear inside words anyways, so it is nothing to really worry about for the relational data in Omegawiki. I shall leave these things as they are for a while just in case someone want to investigate. I shall later, in a week or so, try to fix the whole thing, and only be back here if I do not succeed. However, I would also like to recommend to fix software so as to avoid such duplicates in the future. Ok, this may be low priority issue, and may be already on someones list, else I may dig deeper into how it exactly happened, and what could be done about it.

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