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Enable Special:Import on Norwegian Wikibooks
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An administrator on the Norwegian Wikibooks asked me if I could enable Special:Import there. I can't, but someone here can. What he wanted was the ability to import pages from the Norwegian (no), Nynorsk (nn), Danish (da), Swedish (sv) and English (en) Wikibooks & Wikipedias.

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H92.wikipedia wrote:

I'm the administator who requested this. There is no nn-wikibooks, just so you know. Thanks! :)

jeluf wrote:


'nowikibooks' => array( 'nn', 'sv', 'da', 'en', 'w', 'w:nn', 'w:sv', 'w:da', 'w:en' ),

H92.wikipedia wrote:

Thanks! Though, there is no b:nn, no and nn are two languages in the same country (Norway), and in b:no both languages (both is understandable for everyone) are used. So please remove the nn option, it doesn't work ;)

Thanks again! ;)