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Disable cron.standard checking for lost+found directories
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It checks all mounts if they have a lost+found directory by default, but that is (almost) useless since fsck will create them if necessary. This causes cronspam. Let's find a way to disable this.

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what's cron.standard? where can it be found?

It's /etc/cron.daily/standard present on all precise machines that basically seems to do nothing but this Lost and Found checking.

ah! it seems only on precise and not trusty/jessie though? if so I think we can just let it die off unless it is causing problems, and quick and easy and lame way would be to distribute a different file via puppet

Yup, only on precise. quick and easy and lame way would probably to ensure absent :D

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Closing given the problem was specific to Precise, which is no longer used in production afaics.