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The editor action link "Ask for more information" should use more precise presets for phabricator.
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If following the "ask for more information" links to phabricator, users often do not have a clue what group a message belongs to, but the software does.

Aklapper recently added various comments like the following (thank you a lot for doing all the labour!)

This lookup can and should be done in the translate extension and included in it before the link is rendered.

See also: T124920

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The title does not match with the content. There is no machine readable mapping. Are you only asking to have the message group name in the body text?

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Translate knows nothing about Phabricator components.

  1. ... But all about message groups which is a match in the majority of cases.
  2. And it needs to be allowed to learn he necessary. :-)

Your comment is agrammatical and I can't parse it; hence it's not a valid reason to reopen.

Translate does not know about Phabricator components, but it knows about message groups. Primary message groups and Phabricator components match in the majority of cases, according to Nikerabbit.

In remaining cases at least, which are about 20%, Translate needs to be allowed to learn or be told the missing information, that is, the currently missing machine readable mapping needs to created for them.

I gave it a try but I need help. I found the place in the code where the HTML is created for the links to Phabricator (or elsewhere, depending on products and message groups) but was unable to find the code that actually determines the URLs for the links to Phabricator, and maybe inserts them.

If we do not fix this, we end up with lots of manual adjustments necessary to very simple questions in phabricator arising all the time when translating MediWiki messages or WikiMedia Foundation related texts and messages at

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There are no plans to teach Translate about all the Phabricator components, so this is still declined. See / T120461 for the very simple way this is configured; it took me 4 years to get the simple variant of this feature accepted (T40635).

we end up with lots of manual adjustments necessary to very simple questions in phabricator

This is normal. I made thousands such "manual adjustments" over the years on triaging thousands of reports (see ~4k LQT summary changes and ~3k other LQT actions) and now you react to a couple task edits as if something big happened. The manual work just moved elsewhere, the total amount was reduced.