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Allow viewing diffs of single commits within a Differential
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Existing task upstream: Upload local commits in "arc diff --create"

When looking at a Differential containing more than one commit (like Blender's D502), I could not get Phabricator to show me the diff between two commits.

So for example how can I see the diff between commits 6b54797a5a54 and e9d73630f6d5 on Blender's D502?

(Using Blender's phabricator only, because it seems WMF's Differential does not yet have stable ids)


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Qgil lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Oct 9 2014, 11:13 PM
In T125#1603573, @greg wrote:

Is this simply ? (That shows the diff between commit 15 and 16.)

That url is not the difference between „commit 15 and 16” but between „Diff 10 and Diff 11 of D1” (where Diff 10 has id 15, and Diff 11 has id 16).

So a Differential (or whatever D1, D2, D3 are currently called) can consist of several Diffs (think of a Diff (with capital D) as something like a version of a Differential), and also several commits.
Your link shows the diff between Diffs.
But it's the diff between individual commits that are not possible.

Unfortunately, the current D1 has nothing to do with the D1 when the task got created :-(
So the example in the project description is moot :-(

To get a more stable example, let's use another project's phabricator as example:
Blender's D502 consists of 3 Diffs and 2 Commits (search for “Local commit” on Blender's D502).
How can one

  • diff between commits 6b54797a5a54 and e9d73630f6d5, or
  • diff between commits 25ce061e6da6 and 6b54797a5a54?
QChris set Security to None.

Thanks @QChris. Sorry I was dense there. I've sub'd to the upstream task.

I'm going to make an executive decision (as much as I can here ;) ) and say this isn't a blocker for the migration to Differential at this time (since we still have the diffs between the uploaded, er, Diffs (capital D), just not the local commits). I've added the Differential project to keep track of this, however.