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upgrade 15+4 swift servers from precise to trusty
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the following servers are on precise, and will get dist-upgraded to trusty first in preparation for T117972: swift upgrade plans: jessie and swift 2.x

ms-be1001.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1002.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1003.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1004.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1005.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1006.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1007.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1008.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1009.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1010.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1011.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1012.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1013.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1014.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-be1015.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-fe1001.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-fe1002.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-fe1003.eqiad.wmnet: True
ms-fe1004.eqiad.wmnet: True

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upgraded ms-fe1004 yesterday but ran into T128081: UnicodeDecodeError invalid continuation byte on ms-fe1004 so I've kept it depooled. ms-be101[345] all upgraded now

I've upgraded ms-be1008 to ms-be1012, will continue tue/wed to complete all ms-be. ms-fe is pending

ms-be1004 to ms-be1008 upgraded

ms-be1001 to ms-be1003 upgraded, ms-fe pending merge of tomorrow

finished upgrading all ms-fe hosts today, resolving