Investigate advanced dead link detection
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The code for T122659 was a good start, but we can probably improve on it.

This task it to investigate what other kinds of dead links might be detectable besides 4XX and 5XX error codes. Questions to answer:

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There are also URLs that don't redirect to the domain root but show the same content as the domain root default document.

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Would be good to talk with Internet Archive (Greg) and Google contacts to see if they have suggestions.

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Investigation summary

Also see,

Similar tools

  1. Dispenser's Checklinks:
  1. LinkChecker:
  1. Some outdated tools:
  1. Dead link Finder tool on tool labs:
  1. IA's link checking:
    • From an email exchange with Greg, he mentioned that this is a problem IA already tackles and they are internally discussing the option to provide this as a service. If this happens, its our best bet at detecting dead links.
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Is there a next step for deadlink detection? Are we expecting to write something, or wait for IA's service?

Is there a next step for deadlink detection? Are we expecting to write something, or wait for IA's service?

I don't know how long it will take for IA to launch their service. From my email exchange with Greg, there don't seem to be firm plans regarding this so far, though there seem to be "internal discussions". I think as a next step, you and Ryan should talk about this with the IA folks when you have your next meeting, or over email.

So it sounds like the only action we can take currently (besides talking with AI) is to add detection for redirects to the domain root. Let's create a new card for that.

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Created T127749 for detection for redirects to the domain root.

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