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Provide a link to the File: page for an image
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If you need to get more information about an image already in an article, the current process for reaching the Commons (or local) image description page is:

  1. Copy the file name from the top of the main media settings dialog box.
  2. Click the "Change image" button in the lower left of the box.
  3. Search for the file name.
  4. Click on the file you want (the same one that's already present in the article).
  5. It will display some information about the image, e.g., license and uploader's name. At the bottom, it says "More information". Click that to open the Commons page in another tab.

Please simplify this to a desirable process:

  1. Click the file name from the top of the main media settings dialog box to open the Commons page in another tab.

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We probably don't want to have to go and look up what file repo it came from to generate the URL (part of the imageinfo we download when you select an image you searched for)... But we should be able to rely on the local file page of the same name.

Change 272300 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Link filenames in media dialog

Change 272300 merged by jenkins-bot:
Link to file description pages in media dialog