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Archive A/B tests on Portal Labs page
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As a team, we want to have access to A/B (and sometimes /C) tests that have been run in the past to be archived on the the Portal Labs page:

Archiving off old tests allow for revisiting what we've already tried and it'll help with new tests that we want to do. Plus, I can easily go to it to get screen shots for blog posts, etc. And, if we ever wanted to know exactly what we did previously, this will be perfect for that type of curiosity.

Please see attached image for a sample of what it could look like on the the Portal Labs page.

portal_labs_page_with_archived_tests.png (653×827 px, 118 KB)

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Assigning to @JGirault because it's his page that the portal labs page uses. :)

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Waiting to sync to - this will be done as soon as I get the rights to.