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Correct SI unit "KB" into "kB" or IEC unit "KiB"
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I go to the page
I see many files, with their size, in "KB".

There is no such thing as a "KB".

This has to corrected into one of these:

  1. kB: kilobyte(s): 1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes
  1. KiB: kibibyte(s): 1 kibibyte = 1024 bytes

Thank you.



I choose a file. I click File Info.

The issue also occurs here.


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I choose a file. Then I click File Info.

The issue also occurs here.

The spell check that is used by Firefox recognizes KB as valid, however, it does not recognize KiB.

Related thought: There should be a #pedantic tag for tasks like this one.

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The upstream is exceedingly unlikely to change this. Although "KB" is not a technically precise unit, it is widely understood by users and is the unit used by both MacOS ("KB" in "Size" column) and Windows ("GB" in "Disk Space" readout) to identify filesizes:

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 2.46.36 PM.png (227×922 px, 81 KB)

Mybuj.jpg (626×971 px, 78 KB)

In almost all contexts, normal users do not care (and do not make decisions differently) if "GB" means 1,000,000,000 bytes or 1,073,741,824 bytes and the distinction is ultimately irrelevant.

Generally, we are eager to trade away pedantic technical correctness to serve almost any other goal (ease of use, familiarity, simplicity of implementation, etc), and are very unlikely to make changes which serve only pedantic correctness concerns.

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Thanks for the feedback, Evan!

We don't plan to maintain a downstream patch for this either, hence closing as declined.