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API module `query.backlinks` returns different result compares to [[Special:WhatLinksHere]]
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When I try to fetch the redirect pages of zh:User:Liangent I found a pretty weird behaviour: that the result from API gives a link to [[zh:User talk:Jimmy-bot]] which is a redirect page to zh:User talk:Jimmy-bot but contains link to [[zh:User:Liangent]].

The wikitext is like this:

#REDIRECT [[User talk:Jimmy Xu]]

Blah blah blah
-- [[User:Liangent|Liangent]] blah blah blah

This weird behaviour doesn't appear on Special:WhatLinksHere.

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The list=backlinks module is correctly reporting the backlinks, filtered to only those backlinks that are also redirect pages. Your problem is that you're using list=backlinks with blfilterredir=redirects when you actually want to be using prop=redirects.

See also T59057: API lacks a method to query redirects to a title.

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