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Common Database for Content Translation in Beta
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As part of the new translation dashboard feature for Content Translation, we need a shared database setup in beta and later production. This database needs to be accessible from any wiki. If there is an existing shared database and we could just add table to this database that would be fine as well.

We also need to know who we should work with on this. Who handles database requests?

Our main point of contact is Karitk Mistry. He handles most of our deployment related tasks. The code that uses the shared database is being written by Santhosh Thottingal, so he may be a good contact as well.

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Extension1 shard has a "wikishared" database which might be appropriate here.

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@Springle. Thanks for the information on the "wikishared" database which we might use for the tables we need for Content Translation. Could you please let us know what would be required to do that and if the general architecture we have proposed looks good to you?


Beta deployment-db1 now has a "wikishared" database to match production extension1 cluster.

How this should be integrated into MW beta and production config code is a question for devs (@Reedy or @aaron ?). Probably needs a block in InitialiseSettings.php similar to wmgEchoCluster and wmgFlowCluster, plus thought about table name prefixes since this is a shared db (though presently not used much).

For production roll out: . For beta, more flexible...

wikishared was created for BounceHandler (primarily) in

It did require some code changes as in - You may need to do something like that before you can set it up... As possibly your code is only setup to use a specific table in the current wikis database (I've not looked)

@Reedy @Springle, Thanks. I think most of things are clear now. I will ask here if moreinfo needed!

I've WIP patches, and as of now. I'll update here once they are really ready for @Reedy @Springle and others :)

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Since, looks all OK (yet to merge), how we/who can really deploy contenttranslation.sql DB on Beta is still unclear to me!

Change 175979 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit):
Add ContentTranslation in wikishared DB


Change 175979 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enable ContentTranslation shared database on labs

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