Punctuation after end line link should not be isolated in the next line
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With VisualEditor

  1. Write a sentence which has the size of the window: if we add a letter to the last word then the word with the point go to next line. We suppose this sentence is the first line of the page.
  2. Place the cursor after the point (it can be an other punctuation like a comma).
  3. Type space (as if you want add new words).
  4. The word goes to the new line with the punctuation.
  5. Insert a internal link for the word.
  6. The word come back to the first line but not the punctuation which is now isolated.

I have uploaded a video as a better explanation.
It occurs with Firefox 44 and Chromium 46 on Fedora.

This problem creates T126374 issue.

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I believe that this is browser behaviour, and there's not much that we can do.

(Please file the second issue as a separate task, yes.)

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HTML structure is :

<a class="ve-ce-linkAnnotation ve-ce-mwInternalLinkAnnotation new ve-ce-linkAnnotation-active">
    <img class="ve-ce-nail ve-ce-nail-post-open" src="">
    text link
    <img class="ve-ce-nail ve-ce-nail-pre-close" src="">
<img class="ve-ce-nail ve-ce-nail-post-close" src="">. text

Adding display:none style to both last img seems to resolve this issue, is it technically possible ?

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I think this is a special case of T134571 , and will be hard to fix for the reasons given there. (Sadly, we can't set display:none on the img elements, because we need them to be visible in order to control the cursoring behaviour).

Thank you @dchan : indeed it seems to be this bug.

However, if it is not possible to fix it, is it possible to fix T126374 which is more annoying ?