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Add cookie notice to footer
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Steps to reproduce

  • when there go to bottom where footer is with the links.

Note: wikimedia have updated the wikimedia extension to include cookie links so when visiting you may see or may not see the cookie link.

Actual results

  • there is no cookie link on footer in mediawiki.

Expecred results

  • the cookie link should be added to footer in mediawiki.

This is a task for all websites using mediawiki not the ones on wikimedia since there is a task for those ones.

In the eu it is the law to have a notice about cookies and that I think users not showing it in the eu could be breaking the law.

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Please provide steps to reproduce that are steps to reproduce ("has it set since it is set" is not a step) and please provide specific references for random statements made (like "eu law").

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This has been implemented for Wikimedia sites in T124366.
If you want this in your MediaWiki installation and if you are based in the EU, you can edit your footer via

Yes but I think it should be set as the default.

I think it would be a good idea to a) have a documentation page on that gives a basic overview of how MediaWiki core uses cookies, and b) a trivial "CookieFooter" extension that adds a link to the mw.o doc page and has localization set up, etc. I don't remember if that would actually meet the EU requirements though...

Yes but I think it should be set as the default.

And I do not think so. :) And I think that caring about the laws of every single country on this planet won't scale.