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Backup all of /srv on mira and/or tin (deployment servers)
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26G /srv/

4.7G /srv/deployment
16K /srv/lost+found
6.5G /srv/mediawiki
15G /srv/mediawiki-staging
1.1M /srv/patches
476K /srv/redis

^ really the entire /srv or just /srv/deployment? is mediawiki-staging needed too?

Yes, that's the entire problem, mw-staging went missing.

At the very least, we want deployment, mw-staging and patches.

Change 267897 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
deployment: backup /srv to bacula

@demon ok, thanks, i uploaded a patch for the entire /srv

@akosiaris would you see 26G as an issue for Bacula? (disk space on helium looks enough)

Change 267897 merged by Alexandros Kosiaris:
deployment: backup /srv to bacula

@Dzahn, no, 26GB is not really an issue but don't use the disk space on helium as a guide. It's the space taken x 2 times per month + incrementals per day which is quite a bit.

Merged, done. Tomorrow we should have the first back up.