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280 create project specific URL for CX
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@Amire80 - as discussed:

Create a URL schema that allows direct launch of CX system for the user, bypassing the need to enable CX in beta-features.
Ideally, the input will be the Wikidata ID number, because not all items in the Europeana 280 project currently exist in Wikipedia, and those that do are spread across multiple languages. The only canonical listing is the Wikidata numbers. This way the user can chose their source language and their destination language.
Also ideally, anyone creating a translation having arrived via that link will automatically be logged as part of the 280 campaign for statistical purposes.

This is a sub-task of T112906 because I will then embed this URL within a table on the project homepage on Wikidata. Artwork names (the topics) on one axis, and Wikipedia languages on the other axis. If the article already exists then the corresponding cell in the table will show the article's quality/length. If the article does not yet exist for that language then there will be a 'create this' button. Clicking that will use THIS link to take the user to the CX tool.
Does that make sense??

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Calling this resolved, as far as that #europeana280 is now able to achieve it's goals.

Lists are generated using a bot and placed in pages like:
Where you can start a translation using an interactive intermediary page:

Which runs a custom script that allows people to launch the ContentTranslation UI using the campaign=european2802016 campaign (T125626), to automatically opt them into CX.