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Fix "Simple English" language querying instead of
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Hi! Can a description be put in here? Thanks!

Change 269134 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdrewniak):
Switches the lang value for Simple English from 'en' to 'simple'.

@Jdrewniak I added my comment here, but to make sure it is visible:

I am not sure about this change.
It seems that it was done intentionally.
I tried to find some more documentation:
But they sort of fail to explain that "simple english" wiki needs lang="en" as parameter.
Nonetheless, the bug actually happens on the *new* search box *only*, so we probably don't want to fix this here, but in the new search box code instead.

The way it works on the old language selector is that the option looks like this

<select name="language">
    <option value="simple" lang="en">Simple English</option>

So that the form gets submitted with the values language=simple and the lang attribute is used for accessibility purposes only.

The problem with the new selector is that it sets the lang attribute ('en') as the value, instead of the data-lang-value attribute: In all cases except 'simple english' and this one ^1 , those two values are the same.

Given that @JGirault will be reworking the language picker for T125571 this fix can be factored into that work.

  1. I checked and for the Min Nan Wikipedia , redirects to, so this issue only occurs for the simple english wikipedia.
This comment was removed by Jdrewniak.

Change 269134 abandoned by Jdrewniak:
Switches the lang value for Simple English from 'en' to 'simple'.

language picker will be reworked.

Closing this - looking good!