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The ISO code for multi-lingual resources is <code>mul</code> and this was recently added to the interwiki map to allow for links such as <code>[[mul:s:Main Page|OldWikisource Main Page]]</code> but there's no

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If I understand correctly, this is about domains, which is ops stuff.

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Bugzilla is still the right place to report problems like this one. In case of doubt, Wikimedia > General/Unknown should be a better place to report this problem.

I'm sorry but I'll have to close this task as Invalid. There is still more than a week left before the Bugzilla migration, and we cannot afford to see an affluence of misplaced tickets. Thank you for your understanding.

Would actually be Wikimedia > DNS, if we are going to be fussy.

I filed [[bugzilla:73407]].

What, wikilink syntax doesn't work here? That needs to be fixed...