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Uzbek: Remove a misleading variant
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The Uzbek language has two variants: latin (default) and cyrillic. This page offers you three! The first one is "lotin/кирилл" which says "latin/cyrillic" and does not make sense as the variant can either be latin or cyrillic, but not the mixture of two. The next two are "latin" and "cyrillic", which make sense, but "latin" should not be there as the page language is already latin. I think once the default is set to "latin" and the redundant "lotin/кирилл" variant is removed, only the "cyrillic" variant will show in the list.

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It's actually a design issue. It's not unique to mobile, and it's not unique to Uzbek. It happens in Serbian, too. (It also has the tragic characteristic of being quite visible to readers of some language, but completely invisible to speakers of all other languages.)

I suspect that no proper design work was ever done for the language variant selection. The intent of this label was probably supposed to draw the user's attention to the selector, as if saying "you can select Latin or Cyrillic here". In some contexts it ended up looking not as the title, but as one of the variants.

My inclination is to integrate the variant selection into the Universal Language Selector (see T53242), but being one of its developers I might be biased :)

It really requires a proper design research and solution:

  • How often do users actually click these selectors?
  • Is it currently comfortable for casual readers to do it?
  • How does it work in other websites in the same language?
  • Is it justified to keep this selector separate from the interlanguage links list and Universal Language Selector?
  • Probably some more design research questions...
  • And then finally, as a conclusion: What would be the right way to design a selector that really works for editors and readers?
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