Fix the broken JS getCookie() call, which sets a cookie not recognised by the server
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alex@alex-laptop:~/Development/MediaWiki/extensions/VisualEditor (master)$ git grep getCookie
VisualEditor.hooks.php:                 return $req->getCookie(
alex@alex-laptop:~/Development/MediaWiki/extensions/VisualEditor (master)$

That's not JS and it already sets the prefix properly...

Why would a function called getCookie be setting a cookie anyway?

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Apparently Krinkle knows what this is about.

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	private static function getUserEditor( User $user, WebRequest $req ) {
		if ( $user->isAnon() ) {
			return $req->getCookie(
				User::getDefaultOption( 'visualeditor-editor' )

I assumed the second parameter to WebRequest::getCookie() was default value. But it new way of setCookie() - which replaced the prefix parmaeter with an options array containing key prefix, never made it to getCookie() so this is already setting the prefix. Never mind :)