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Duplicated log entry on ro.wp on 2014-10-13
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In there is duplicated log entry for one performed action on 13 October 2014. See screenshot.

log.png (226×751 px, 157 KB)

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The LogEntry extension is not deployed on Wikimedia sites, hence I removed it from this task.

Not really an issue with the logging system but with the user rights code... This sort of thing is supposed to have been impossible since T40989 though.

@XXN: Can you prove this is still possible, or are you just looking to get one of the log entries dropped?

@Krenair I just reported :) No, i can't prove (or verify) if this is still possible now, but T40989 was closed as resolved (in February 2014?) and in my screenshot and provided link you can see the duplicated log entry for an action performed on 13 October 2014.

I don't think there's much we can do unless you know how to make MW do this...

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