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html <title> continues to say "Editing..." after I saved an edit using VisualEditor (and interwiki links are gone)
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  1. I clicked edit initially to edit the wikitext, and then switched to visual edtior.
  2. then added a reference using the cite tool.
  3. then saved the edit (without preview)
  4. the <title> text in the browser tab continues to say "Editing 2011 Chr...". As well, the interwiki language links from Wikidata are gone.
  5. When I reload the page, the title text is ok again and the interwiki links are there again.

F3314516 (screenshot)

It just feels a bit weird and confusing, making me wonder am i still in edit mode or not? and not sure what's going on with the interwiki links, though might be unrelated.

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regarding no interwiki links, might be related to T47839

in the source of the page after save, I have:

NewPP limit report
Parsed by mw1187
Cached time: 20160205222357
Cache expiry: 2592000
Dynamic content: false
CPU time usage: 2.471 seconds
Real time usage: 2.729 seconds
Preprocessor visited node count: 15023/1000000
Preprocessor generated node count: 0/1500000
Post‐expand include size: 494565/2097152 bytes
Template argument size: 8934/2097152 bytes
Highest expansion depth: 19/40
Expensive parser function count: 14/500
Lua time usage: 1.127/10.000 seconds
Lua memory usage: 9.05 MB/50 MB
Number of Wikibase entities loaded: 1-->

Transclusion expansion time report (%,ms,calls,template)
100.00% 2346.524      1 - -total
 59.41% 1394.185      1 - Template:Reflist
 25.06%  588.086    143 - Template:Cite_news
 15.22%  357.072     81 - Template:Cite_web
  7.31%  171.440      1 - Template:Earthquake
  7.03%  164.904      1 - Template:Infobox
  3.50%   82.112     17 - Template:Flagu
  3.40%   79.774     11 - Template:Navbox
  2.64%   61.896      1 - Template:Pp-pc1
  2.41%   56.525      8 - Template:Convert

(so 1 wikibase item was loaded)

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Change 326999 had a related patch set uploaded (by DLynch):
DesktopArticleTarget: Generate the original page title if needed

Change 326999 merged by jenkins-bot:
DesktopArticleTarget: Generate the original page title if needed

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Title is now fixed in master.

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