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Search through a page's history
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Originally posted on Brickimedia Association organisation on GitHub but moved upstream today here, here's the link to it and the summary:

"Earlier today, I was looking through an article's history to see when a particular addition to said article was made, hoping to find the edit summary that went with the addition and, hopefully, would explain it. However, there were several dozen different revisions to look through, which, while certainly possible, was frustrating, and with pages that have had hundreds of revisions, it would be even worse. As such, I was wondering if a feature that allows one to search a page's history for a word or set of characters, only turning up revisions featuring the searched characters, is possible. It's not an urgent enhancement, but it is one that I feel would be quite useful."

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Hi @codynguyen1116, thanks for taking the time to report this. For future reference, setting a project is welcome. :)
This particular problem has already been reported into our bug tracking system as T12643, but please feel free to report any further issues you find. Further handling happens in T12643.