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"Related pages" extension layout bug in Monobook
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When extension turned on with Monobook skin, related pages covers left menu.


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Now left menu covers the left suggestion I think it's worse than ever.

Change 271580 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov):
Disable RelatedPages in monobook

Change 271580 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov):
Disable RelatedPages in monobook

This sounds like a skin-specific hack. I've never heard of us doing such things for monobook before, am I wrong?

Yes, I'm going to disable the beta feature in monobook, which is less hacky I guess?

What's the plan to fix the feature in MonoBook?

The feature is experimental. Rather than pretending we are supporting Monobook in its developer it's better to be explicit we are not hence why on the patch I have suggested we disable this at the beta feature level.

It can easily be tweaked and fixed up later if we decide later to roll this out to all users.

Disable RelatedPages in monobook

Wait WAT?
This extension, even with this bug, is still much better than its absence.

@bmansurov I had a quick glance and it seems the Vector styles would remedy this problem - so maybe we should just make those the default rather than Vector only and make Minerva's skins override the defaults?

If we find supporting Monobook is more complicated then that we should probably disable it, but no qualms here from continuing support based on the fact Monobook and Vector styles in theory should be compatible. What do you think?

Sounds good. Update: I've made the vector styles default, but because of differences in margins, etc. RelatedPages still didn't look right in monobook. That's why I've updated the patch to include monobook specific styles. @Jdlrobson, hope that's good enough for now. I know we wouldn't want to do so in the ideal world, but in this case the fix is trivial, thus I think it's OK to cater for monobook specifically.

Change 271580 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix RelatedPages placement in Monobook

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