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tools-docker-registry-01 has incorrect puppetmaster key
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Exiting; failed to retrieve certificate and waitforcert is disabled
Error: Could not request certificate: The certificate retrieved from the master does not match the agent's private key.
Certificate fingerprint: 96:CC:F6:F3:F5:DC:4A:EA:37:02:1B:8A:DB:74:A2:75:55:9D:93:25:38:03:6D:4C:B9:1A:36:B7:8C:08:46:8E
To fix this, remove the certificate from both the master and the agent and then start a puppet run, which will automatically regenerate a certficate.
On the master:
  puppet cert clean
On the agent:
  1a. On most platforms: find /var/lib/puppet/ssl -name -delete
  1b. On Windows: del "/var/lib/puppet/ssl/" /f
  2. puppet agent -t

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Fixed it by switching it to the appropriate puppetmaster (tools-puppetmaster-01)

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Still broken:

Exiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is disabled
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Um, fixed for real now.