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Flow formats timestamps in my local timezone (possibly identified from my browser) instead of the timezone in my wiki preferences
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Can be seen by hovering on .flow-timestamp-ago elements.

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This creates strange issues, displaying that a post was published in the future ("in two hours"). And this happens visibly, about 700 ms after page load.

I am still encountering this. Is it possible to fix it or undeploy the extension that ignores my preferences?

@Base: Anyone else is very welcome to provide patches to fix this issue. See .
(For general info on priorities, see .) Also see T178487 for the bigger problem.

Anyone else is very welcome to provide patches

Given stuff like T118024 and T175554 which are quite critical copyright and privacy issues, while this task is merely a big nuisance, the proper fix currently in my opinion is to undeploy, but unfortunately I only know how to do it on an individual private wiki, so I am unable to prepare a patch.