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Special:ActiveUsers needs to distinguish between different types of activity
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This may very well be a duplicate of T25237:
the list of the users needs to allow me to filter out the stewards from the regular editors (for example).

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What are the use cases? How badly is this feature needed?

Qgil triaged this task as Low priority.May 10 2016, 10:55 AM

My main use case is, I need to socialize a certain big change (say, rollout of the visual editor) at a community where just announcing at the village pump isn't enough (it doesn't need to be a tech task though and I'm sure others in our dept have similar needs). stats.wikimedia (which is BTW going to be replaced soon, and I should make this suggestion for the 2.0 version) provides similar information to a certain extent (some dozens Wikipedias are missing from there - possibly the ones I need the most; tables like are pretty useful, although not sortable. If this task doesn't get fixed I'll need the code for a Quarry query which makes me a table like the one linked above, although additional features like hiding the sysops (which Special:ActiveUsers has) are a nice-to-have. might be a better starter for this request than a new feature in a Special page...

Maybe? The main ask in the description (tell stewards from actual local editors) looks pretty basic to me (it's about adding another flag- there's already one for sysops). What's the use case for "see everyone who edited here recently" other than curiosity? (It's also unusable at all wikis with more than a bunch of active editors, I'd say).

The request looks simple indeed. My (biased and hopefully wrong) assessment is based on the likeliness of this task being seen and addressed by the developers who are likely to make a dent on MediaWiki-Special-pages.

CCing @aude just in case she has an idea about who to ask (as she maintains RecentChanges, the closest I am aware to this Special page).

Adding a filter just for stewards isn't likely to help much with filtering because non-stewards (global rollbackers, global sysops and other SWMT members) are also quite active on the smaller wikis. This looks to me like a duplicate of T25237 and T116354?