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Create #scap and #trebuchet components
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We've been using the Scap sprint very effectively (clean board, only adding things we wanted to it, etc) and now that scap 3.0 is tagged/released, it's time to close that sprint. But, we don't want to go back to only having Deployments. Thus, we'd like Scap to be created and we can move all scap-related tasks to it (I volunteer to do a first pass).

Similar reasoning for Trebuchet as well.

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  • potential confusion "Does this have to do with scap or some other part of deploying? I don't know...."
  • ...?

Maybe full scap vs. sync-file/sync-dir/etc. or something? Maybe Wikimedia config (prod or deployment-prep) for scap is less clearly in scope? I don't know, I think this seems like a pretty straightforward project creation that could just be done. Especially as you're volunteering to add tasks in, and it maps to a single code repo, and it's a dev/sysadmin-facing tool rather than for non-technical users...

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I never liked the generic Deployments project in the first place, so +1 from me. If you split you could probably rename Deployments to Trebuchet (or move Trebuchet instead if more of the open issues are really Scap related).

Just FYI: l10n-related things are also in Deploy Systems (there was a bugzilla bug about it....)

And yeah, @Krenair, since this is a "you probably already know something before you're wanting to report a bug" type of tool, we shouldn't be too worried about confusion between things like scap and trebuchet, for the obvious example.

Things I'm not sure about:

But on the positive side: yeah, if we create Scap it makes sense to make Trebuchet as well (which is probably easier to segment out, minus all the salt stuff, maybe we need a salt component? tag? if tag, which component should it really live in?)

(Why am I making this so hard?....)

Ok, archiving Deployments wasn't my initial goal, so I'm not going to let that kill my motivation here needlessly :)

I'll repurpose this to creating Scap and Trebuchet components and work on moving tasks tonight. I'll leave the ones I'm unsure about where they are and I can ask for help then :)

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@mmodell, @thcipriani, @demon, and @dduvall: Just to get confirmation with you. You ok archiving Scap and having a Scap -only board instead? I didn't hear a +1 or -1 during our call today, but we didn't have time for them.

BTW: Check out the docs for subprojects and milestones, this feature is coming soon to a phabricator near you.

:) I was meaning to ask you about that recently, @mmodell, thanks!

Alright, silence is golden.

Created Scap and Trebuchet.

I'll work on moving tasks tonight.

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