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New users should be able to register themselves using their home wiki
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I *think* that SUL means that we're able to use OAuth to any wiki in order to authenticate users. However, it might be more polite to use the person's preferred home wiki? Also, we want to know their home wiki in case we want to post anything to their User:Talk page.

Probably not in MVP scope, assuming that localization is acceptable when using enwiki for OAuth.

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Special:Contributions is another important consideration. We might want to use globalcontributions?

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The CentralAuth database can be queried to determine user's home wiki. For example: shows that I have gu_home_db = enwiki.

There's no API yet, so we would have to code this into Replica, or write the API.

I suggest that this should be a backburner issue. It would would be nice to have, but it won't be a blocker for anyone. We should probably just point to Meta as the login wiki for the P&E dashboard to start out.

When it's time to implement it, it will mean making some adjustments to the omniauth config, and possible also some changes in the mediawiki omniauth strategy so that it can take login wiki as a parameter per request.

Awesome to see that there's a MediaWiki API already! I have no idea whether home wiki information is up to date, however.

I think there's a related task where it would be more appropriate to make this point, but I want to highlight that "log in via home wiki" is a nice to have, but "link to user's home wiki user page" is a must-have.