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Korma: Incorrect ticket count on top contributors page
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Looks like we have incorrect numbers at
E.g.: according to this search on Phabricator, I created more than 500 tickets, but the korma page only counts 39
(even if I also consider the 19 tickets attributted to my old username "", it does not get much closer to the actual number)

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and now it shows only 7 tickets:

RankNameIRCMW RevTicketsSource RevML
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The algorithm takes contributor positions (emphasis by me) in each data source activity. It is a rank not a number of tickets. :)
Whether that is good or bad feels like a topic for T64221...

Oh, cool! I must have read that description too fast and incorrectly...
Maybe it would be helpful to add a tooltip to the numbers, as in "This contributor is ranked at position N on [Source Code Reviews|...]" (or change those N to ordinals like 1st, 2nd), ...