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Create a new topic with mentions in title and post sends 2 mention notifications
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Change 269671 had a related patch set uploaded (by Matthias Mullie):
Don't send mention notification for first-post if already mentioned in title

Change 269671 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't send mention notification for first-post if already mentioned in title

When Mention is in a new topic title and in the new topic post - there is only one Mention notification - verified in betalabs.

  1. An edge case(?):

When a topic is renamed and Mention is added and then Mention is added in edited/new post on the same page - two Mention notifications come. This is logical - two Mention actions are submitted separately.
However, the Mention Notifications look identical (almost) - there is a excerpt from user's reply.

We suppress rename topic action notification and we suppress reply notification, so only Mentions come, e.g.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.54.03 PM.png (308×571 px, 51 KB)

  1. There is specific notification wording for Mention in the description of PageName, but not for a topic title.

That is correct: all mentions withing a topic (be that title, post or summary) have the same message (see T125427#1996632)

The behavior, as you both note, is according to spec: All mentions within a topic have the same message (only the board description gets a different one). It's a good job of testing the system Elena, but I think you're right that this is an edge case we don't have to be concerned about.

Closing this bug.