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Update for Thai language (th)
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Author: manop

Updating for Thai language messages line ~1500-1900

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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manop wrote:

Patch file from TortoiseSVN

attachment MessagesTh.diff ignored as obsolete

Thanks, I have applied it with r24265.

Some notes:

  1. Due to the change of NS_PROJECT_TALK namespace translation I have added an alias to avoid broken (red) links for existing usages.
  1. In the section "# All link text and link target definitions of links..." I have replaced the hardcoded project/help namespace translations with the generic {{ns:project}} magic word. Now the links work in all projects, especially in multi language wikis like Commons, Meta etc.
  1. Rebuild with rebuildLanguages.php for proper formatting
  1. Still missing some variables:

6 messages of 1553 in th don't use some variables while en uses them:

  • pagecategories
  • copyrightwarning2
  • revdelete-selected
  • logdelete-selected
  • rcnote
  • protect-cascadeon

manop wrote:

Update for Th language

All the text is translated (at least appearing in MessagesEn). Adding more translations, fixing blocking problem (periods), fixing some contexts.

I might have one more diff if I find any error.

Thank you for patching and all of your help.


Sorry, I have committed your first patch from this bug a few minutes ago.

Please send a new diff-patch, not the whole file. Thanks.