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Make the suggestion type-ahead aware of the height of the screen
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Right now the type-ahead size is big enough that it goes beyond the fold on the screen, which looks bad. We should make the type ahead aware of the screen height so that it only shows enough search results to fit on the screen.

Another way we can solve this is to scroll the screen a little bit for users who have very small screens.

See mock up showing the current type ahead going beyond the fold.

Change1.png (775×1 px, 197 KB)

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This is certainly an issue, on my 13' macbook pro I only see two suggestions.
From a technical point of view, measuring the screen-height and adjusting the number of suggestions is a very complex task and might not be worth the effort, and might have unexpected consequences on mobile.

Scrolling the page down might be a viable solution, but could have UX implications, for example it might be odd to scroll the page while someone is typing, but maybe it's not. Technically this option isn't very high effort, so it's worth exploring to see if it works.

Moving this to the Portal Backlog board to investigate later on.

Declining this task as it would be more difficult to implement than it's worth.

agreed - with the new layout soon to be released, this shouldn't be needed anymore.