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Show facilitators under "Students"?
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Currently, the course creator is not listed in the Students tab. A newly created course will say "This course has no students".

I believe that in the general case, instructors and "volunteers" should be counted as participants in the course. This gives us advantages like a simpler workflow for facilitators, more perceived equality between participants, and allows us to assign a volunteer as reviewer and have that show up in the main view.

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Agreed, I used Outreach dashboard for tracking an edit-a-thon where I was a participant, too. My edits are not counted and I am not under editors (as I was facilitator). For Educuation program purposes it is reasonable to not count facilitator's edits, of course.

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It's now possible for facilitators to also join as editors (for Generic Course and Edit-a-thon course types, which are the ones used on P&E Dashboard).