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Create temporary test mailman mailing list to test synchronization with
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A pilot installation of discourse is up and running at to test if it can work as alternative for say wikimedia-l. Several people ask for synchronization between mailing list and discourse.

Synchronization has to be tested to prevent disruption of current threads.

A test mailing list could serve the purple of testing synchronization.

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I guess this should be treated as a labs project request?

there is already a labs project, he's asking for a mailing list he can point at it to test syncronization instead of testing with a live list and annoying people.

Can it not be on a test mailing list in labs?

Any test mailman list will do which behaves technically the same as for example wikimedia-l.

chasemp triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 4 2016, 2:34 PM

You have successfully created the mailing list discourse and notification has been sent to the list owner You can now:

Visit the list's info page
Visit the list's admin page

You should have received a generated list admin password.

All settings are default except the list description /info. Please login and check all the other settings.

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@AdHuikeshoven you should have recevied automatic mail from mailman. The list is simply called "discourse".