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3x additional SSD for restbase hp hardware
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thinking on how to do the replacements, when the new systems arrive we'll need to get them gradually in the cassandra cluster. Ideally starting with three machines (one per row). In {T123647} we got 18x additional SSDs and 6x have been already installed in 1007-1009 afaik.

That leaves us with 12x SSDs (not yet installed) to be used on the new hardware right away when it comes in, to have a full-spec'd 3x initial machines we'd need a total of 15x SSD, or in other words an additional 3x SSD from what we have available now.

So, I'm requesting 3x 1TB SSD of the same kind as {T123647}, these will be installed in the new hardware, when the old hardware is fully decomissioned there will be a surplus of 3x SSD that can be used as spares.

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@fgiunchedi: The spares are samsung EVO SSDs that we ONLY use in restbase. So I imagine this would come out of the services budget to do this; has it been discussed with @GWicke? (He controls that part of the budget with @mark correct? I may be wrong.)

@RobH, getting some extra 850 Pro SSDs to simplify the transition period & for use as spares sounds good to me.

Sounds good, I'll attach a procurement task (with pricing for @GWicke & @mark's approvals) shortly.

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This was resolved awhile ago, and this task was overlooked (as the sub-tasks had the actual work performed on them.)

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