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rebuild scap debian package (we forgot to include refreshCdbJsonFiles)
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This file is needed for mediawiki deploys.

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The package got tested fairly extensively on beta: we replaced deployment-bastion with a fresh deployment instance, deployment-tin, and went through everything.

The only issue that came up was refreshCdbJsonFiles was missing from /usr/bin

Hey folks, so I was looking into doing this build but it seems you're wanting a build against master (yes?) which includes a bunch of commits since the 3.0 tag was dropped, so you really should add a new tag and adjust the changelog accordingly, and testing should be against that.

@ArielGlenn: I've updated the changelog and tagged it as 3.0.1.

We have tested against these changes, at least one of the changes was necessary in order to deploy from deployment-tin.

Doh! I pointed 3.0.1 tag at the previous commit, not the changelog commit. Should I make a new tag? 3.0.1-1?

@mmodell that indeed begs the question of what to do with debian revision (-1) vs upstream version (3.0.1).

I've tagged debian/3.0-1 where the debian package was built from. So I'd say the debian/changelog entry should be having 3.0.1-1 as version and debian/3.0.1-1 tag point to that commit.

@fgiunchedi: tagged and pushed 3.0.1-1, does everything look ok now?

btw I don't see a tag literally named debian/3.0-1, am I missing something?

@mmodell doh, I'm trying to git push --tags to phabricator without success so far, so yeah I had a debian/3.0-1 local tag not pushed yet

anyways for reference, git buildpackage can be used to build too:

$ git buildpackage --git-ignore-new --git-upstream-tag=3.0.1 -us -uc -sa
fgiunchedi claimed this task.

and uploaded to carbon now

root@carbon:~# reprepro list trusty-wikimedia scap
trusty-wikimedia|main|amd64: scap 3.0.1-1
trusty-wikimedia|main|i386: scap 3.0.1-1
trusty-wikimedia|main|source: scap 3.0.1-1
root@carbon:~# reprepro list jessie-wikimedia scap
jessie-wikimedia|main|amd64: scap 3.0.1-1
jessie-wikimedia|main|i386: scap 3.0.1-1
jessie-wikimedia|main|source: scap 3.0.1-1

@mmodell I'll figure out what needs to happen to push tags but GTG now

@fgiunchedi: I added acl*sre-team to the push policy for rMSCA Scap

thanks! works for me!

also I've moved 3.0.1-1 tag to debian/3.0.1-1 for consistency, can be revised too of course