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Globally throttle password attempts
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The 5 guesses / 5 minutes throttle is set per wiki,

$throttleKey = wfMemcKey( 'password-throttle', $wgRequest->getIP(), md5( $username ) );

so does ConfirmEdit,

wfMemcKey( 'captcha', 'badlogin', 'ip', $ip );

CentralAuth doesn't do throttling.

I think we should either have a globalthrottle extension, or just make these use a global cache key.

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Can this go in normal gerrit patches, or should it be secret patches on bug?

Since we're already using the username, lets just use a global cache key... so s/wfMemcKey/wfGlobalCacheKey/ in those two places?

Yes, i agree, global cache key sounds good.

Patches are merged, so I'm going to mark this as resolved, but make it block T124940 as a reminder the patch should maybe be backported for the various branches next release.

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