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As a first time user I want a hint that the TOC is swipeable from the right
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TOC suffers from discoverability problem.

Let's surface this amazing feature by showing a peek of the drawer first-time user visits any article.

the drawer will peek from RTL and go back. teasing the user and creating curiosity about it.

Here's a video which explains it better
I did this video by hand, so the peek is not smooth. I was controlling it. but imagine it comes out nicely and bounces back!

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This comes up in user feedback (that we hid or removed the TOC) and also in design research, so I think this is a bit of a priority. I'm okay with a peek on first article display, but in estimation lets also discuss if the choice of gesture or implementation of swipe is potentially a bigger issue.

@JMinor other option is changing the treatment of TOC button.

maybe something like this?

pasted_file (125×417 px, 17 KB)

Yeah, that might help. Making the swipe gesture more generous in its recognition too. I don't want to overkill it...

I've seen feedback tickets asking for help how the app works, perhaps we should have a small navigation tutorial in the FTUE, where we can introduce to the users that you can swipe to get a ToC?

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Translation-x: 30% of the screen
Timing function: ease-in-out both ways

hey @coreyfloyd - let's keep the Light (Extralight looks even more aggressively blurry). Everything else LGTM.

Also, looks like some previous comments for this ticket were posted onto T131394: Increase tolerance of swipe gesture for TOC so just rectifying now.

Hmm.. not sure how I feel about this being shown to updaters. As a long time user it seemed more like a bug. Good for first timers...

Looks good. And I think the peek is deliberate enough to not seem like a bug or glitch even for updaters, especially those who still haven't discovered the feature yet.

Testing on Wikipedia app build 5.0.3 (843) using iOS 9.3.1 iPhone. This is fixed as it is now possible to see TOC by swiping from the right of the screen.

Okay, I defer to @RHo here, so lets keep for both updaters and installers.

I did not enjoy that the text (content) become all white when the ToC was peeking, instead of being transparent, or just normal...And since the text, which I wanted to read, was gone and it was all white while it was peeking it felt like it was peeking a few milliseconds too long...

Hi @Josve05a - thanks for testing :)
Regarding the timing, this is to help ensure the peek comes across as a deliberate action to draw attention to the TOC rather than a glitch, and it will only appear one-time-only so it won't constantly be peeking and distract from reading articles.

And appreciate feedback around the blur – I agree it is something we will likely want to tone down in future, but for now the decision was made to keep the blur alpha at 1.0 as recommended by iOS guidelines to avoid unintended visual effects when reducing to <1.0.

I don't really understand those guidelines. Normally when sliding out the ToC, the background blurs, but not while peeking. Seems like we are selectively following those guidelines then...