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The default MediaWiki:Sharedupload text does not link to the shared repository (e.g. Commons)
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On e.g. Wikipedia, our [[MediaWiki:Sharedupload]] texts are modified so that they
include a link to the corresponding image description page on Commons. But that means
the message needs to be edited (by admins) on all Wikimedia servers in all languages.
(Which is obviously a practically impossible thing to do.) Otherwise, a user
interface in a non-content language displays only a generic “This file is a shared
upload and may be used by other projects.” message that offers no help in locating
the real image description page.

The default message should contain a placeholder for a link to the URL of the shared
image description page. Currently, it seems to do a similar thing only when the
description text is not available (and emiting “Please see the _image description
page_ for further information.”).

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New message 'shareduploadwiki-desc' introduced with r31092. This can be set to '-' by local sysops to suppress the message if 'sharedupload' has a link already.

Great idea, but I find it hard to localize the three messages 'shareduploadwiki', 'shareduploadwiki-desc' and 'shareduploadwiki-linktext', because currently the message 'shareduploadwiki-linktext' is used both in 'shareduploadwiki' and 'shareduploadwiki-desc' but it would require different grammatical cases.

You can see that in your German translation as well: You wrote
'shareduploadwiki' => 'Für weitere Informationen siehe die $1.', # $1 is accusative case
'shareduploadwiki-desc' => 'Es folgt der Inhalt der $1.', # $1 is genitive case

I propose to add a fourth message, e. g. 'shareduploadwiki-desclinktext', to use this new message with 'shareduploadwiki-desc' and to use 'shareduploadwiki-linktext' only with 'shareduploadwiki'.