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Gadgets should not be loaded as module-styles by default
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If a gadget has no styles it is included in the URL in the head of the document. If a skin has no top loaded styles this can result in an unnecessary HTTP request for an empty file.

Steps to demonstrate:

Note the link tag:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/w/load.php?debug=false&amp;lang=en&amp;;only=styles&amp;skin=minerva&amp;target=mobile" />

See [[ | ext.gadget.switcher ]]is present.

In Vector we load the following styles for gadgets:


  1. Many of these do not seem vital to top load
  2. Some of these e.g. have no styles despite being included in the request

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ext.gadget.* is an on-wiki gadget from somewhere. ext.gadgets.* are modules provided by the extension.

It seems to be a global gadget then since I'm seeing it while anonymous. How is this happening and who do I talk to rectify this?

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@kaldari any ideas?

There are no such things as global gadgets. What wiki is this on?

The switcher gadget on the English Wikipedia doesn't have any CSS, it's pure JS:

But it shouldn't be loaded because it doesn't have targets set...hrm.

Ignore me, it does:


So is the problem that you don't want the gadget running on mobile? That seems like something to ask for on-wiki.

Er, hold on a second. That gadget doesn't have any styles. Why is it in a <link> tag?

Seems this module is working on mobile but doesn't have any associated styles so yes.. very bizarre this is in the link tag. Same for desktop site.

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Have updated the description - it seems we include empty modules in that link tag and each gadget has a corresponding style module loaded in the head. We may want to re-evaluate this.

It's most likely in the <link> because it's added with addModuleStyles(). We currently don't distinguish style-only gadgets from regular gadgets.

For style-only gadgets, they should always be in the <link> because that tag is cached in the html for 30 days. If it's enabled site-wide it should consistency show up on pages if/when styles are added to the gadgets.

The bottom-line issue here is that gadgets are currently always loaded with addModules() and addModuleStyles() which is a RL design violation we currently tolerate. We should probably make that an option in the gadget definition (either static styles or dynamic, defaulting to dynamic module js/css).

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