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MediaWiki:Notification-header-thank-you-1-edit should not use SITENAME
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Please read

There is no compelling reason to burden translators and wiki administrators with SITENAME in this message.


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@Purodha, so the message should be change from {{GENDER:$2|You}} just made {{GENDER:$2|your}} first edit to {{SITENAME}}; thank {{GENDER:$2|you}}, and welcome!" to something like: {{GENDER:$2|You}} just made {{GENDER:$2|your}} first edit; thank {{GENDER:$2|you}}, and welcome!"

That still makes sense though, so if this is accepted, i can make sure i remove all the various instances that uses {{SITENAME}} like;

  • notification-header-thank-you-1-edit
  • notification-header-thank-you-10-edit
  • notification-header-thank-you-100-edit
  • notification-header-thank-you-1000-edit
  • etc...

Change 270639 had a related patch set uploaded (by D3r1ck01):
Avoiding the use of {{SITENAME}}

Change 270639 merged by jenkins-bot:
Avoiding the use of {{SITENAME}}

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