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Cant login to gerrit / phabricator
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I have an LDAP account "hroest" which allows me to log in to labs but I cannot log in to gerrit or to phabricator itself. Trying to log in to phabricator gives me

Unhandled Exception ("Exception")
LDAP record query returned more than one result. The query must uniquely identify a record.

On gerrit I simply get invalid username/pw

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LDAP query for (&(objectClass=person)(cn=hroest)) (I believe this is what Gerrit does) returns two entries - one for uid=hroest,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org with cn: hroest and another for uid=hannesroest,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org with cn: Hroest

@Hannes_Rost_MW, are both of those accounts you? And if so can you tell me roughly when the accounts were created?

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they seem to be me as they both have my email address associated. However, I think you can delete the "hannesroest" account as there are no public keys there or anything and I currently seem to only use the upper one. Just by uid, the hannesroest one seems to be younger.

also, could you delete my email address from the public record? thanks

Thanks for this

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I have edited this ticket so that (I think) it is only visible to logged in users. That should tide us over until @Krenair can edit his paste to redact your email address, or lock down the security policy further.

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(For the record, my paste was of the public LDAP entry visible to all labs users)