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Enable Special:NotifyTranslators (TranslationNotifications extension) on Wikimedia Commons
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Please enable Special:NotifyTranslators (TranslationNotifications extension) on Wikimedia Commons. It would be useful to allow users to subscribe for "to translate" notifications.

The translate extension has been installed a wile (years) ago per community consensus.

Special:NotifyTranslators is on a opt-in basis only and therefore enabling this tool on Wikimedia Commons would be uncontroversial.

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This is provided by the TranslationNotifications extension.

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Are you sure this is not going to be controversial? (Poking a couple of 'crats for advice). Best regards.

I cannot make any well-informed call if this will be uncontroversial, but I think crats are not in charge here anyway. IF if could be controversial, it should be discussed within the community.

Besides that, as it was said it is opt-in only, I tend to agree that it could be no big deal.

I quite agree that this appears to be an uncontroversial change, particularly as it works on an opt-in basis.

I have used the extension in the past and it is a valuable addition to the Translate extension, which has steadily been growing in popularity and usage since it was enabled in 2013.

Change 271496 had a related patch set uploaded (by MarcoAurelio):
Enabling translation notifications at commonswiki

Account already exists at commons so I think nothing more needs to be done here, appart from patch-SWAT of course :-)

Change 271496 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enabling translation notifications at commonswiki

Did some tests as well and it works for me. However the "talk page at other wiki" setting don't seem to do anything...

Does it do anything on Meta? If not it is maybe broken by recent changes. Can you file a bug in that case?

@Nikerabbit On Meta, Special:TranslationSignup shows the

  • Talk page at other wiki

but AFAIK it does nothing too. However, the bot is sending notifications elsewhere as well, so I don't know if there's a bug or not. IIRC when selecting that option it let you decide on which project you'd like those notifications received? If that was the case, that is not working.


I made a fix for that. The fix will hopefully be deployed at some point next.