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Interlanguage links cannot be added to pages in
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This is a follow-up to T125501.

I cannot find any way to add interlanguage links to pages in the recently created Adyghe Wikipedia.

If I try to go to and use the Add links dialog to add a link to enwiki/NBA, typing "en" or "enwiki" in the Language doesn't do anything.

If I try go to to and add a link to language ady, it also doesn't do anything.

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When trying to do it through the api (the API Sandbox doesn't have adywiki), I get the following error: Unrecognized value for parameter 'linksite': adywiki

I suppose the new wiki is missing from the sites table. We really need to make sure the sites table is consistent with the interwiki table. And ideally consolidate the two, see T113034: RFC: Overhaul Interwiki map, unify with Sites and WikiMap

shouldn't the populateSitesTable script have done this? although I do recall issues with getting that script running without breaking things, so it may have been skipped...

This seems to work now... what has changed? Is there anything to document in the wiki creation procedure doc?

hoo claimed this task.

I updated all sites tables earlier today, so yes, it should work fine now... I ran into some trouble again, but it mostly worked fine.

Never run the populate script w/o looking at the output, though… It broke before.

Thanks, @hoo.

Is this suggestion to be careful documented in ?

Done, I hope I put enough warnings about how dangerous the script is in there.