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Cite isn't visible in black theme because of [[it:Template:Citazione]]
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If you open the page and scroll down to the "Trama" section and switch to the black theme, the cite isn't visible anymore.

Screenshot_20160216-170000.png (1×1 px, 176 KB)


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the Wikipedia app
  2. Switch to the black theme
  3. Open the page "Il padrino (film)" of itwiki
  4. Scroll down to the "Trama" section

Expected results

The Cite is visible.

Actual results

The cite isn't visible, there's just a black area.

Environments observed

App version: 2.1.138-r
Android OS versions: Android 6.0
Device model: HTC One M9
Device language: german

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I left a comment on the Talk page of the offending template:

This template explicitly sets the color of its text to black. We'll simply need to wait until this explicit color is removed from the template.

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Fixed in v2.7.225-r-2018-02-06

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