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Mac OSX Korean: Implicit completion of CV syllables causes text removal
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Steps to reproduce (not consistently reproducable):

  1. Open an empty page in VE standalone on Mac OS X with Korean 'HNC Romaja' IME
  2. Press 'g'. The text will become 'ㄱ' ("g").
  3. Press 'a'. The text will become '가' ("ga").
  4. Press 'n'. The text will become '간' ("gan").
  5. Press 'a'.

Observed behaviour: The text becomes '가' ("ga").

Expected behaviour: The text should become '가나' ("ga-na")

The trigger seems to be certain consonant-vowel (C-V) patterns. According to IME rules, input of type CVC is interpreted as a single syllable at first, but when another V is added the input is reanalysed as CV-CV. (So in the case above, the single syllable "gan" becomes two syllables "ga-na"). It looks like something goes wrong at this point causing the second CV to disappear. We observed this behaviour with 'gana', 'gaga', 'nana', 'dada', 'gada', 'nada' etc.

The erroneous behaviour doesn't occur consistently: sometimes the expected behaviour is observed. At least once we experienced identical erroneous behaviour in the Firefox search bar(!) This doesn't completely prove we're blameless – it could be something weird in the VE-IME interaction is putting the IME into a weird state which is then observed in the search bar – further analysis is needed.

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@Jdforrester-WMF initially reported similar behaviour in T120156 , including video F3328523 which shows it happening (prior to a second bug that happens on pressing Enter).

@Jdforrester-WMF too can reproduce this bug without using VE. On Mac OS X with Korean GongjinCheong Romaja , he sees it both in the Firefox search bar and when editing data:text/html,<div contenteditable>xxx . It's also a known (reported) issue here: .

So this is almost certainly a Firefox+Mac OS X issue. In particular, it affects Wikipedia's wikitext editor too, so it shouldn't be a blocker for VE switch-on.

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Context: This appears to be a bug in Firefox (or in Mac OS X's IME); it occurs in the wikitext and the visual editor, on third party websites like, and inside the browser's "native" search box.

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