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Spike: Investigate high TTFB for page views in mobile skin
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TTFB appears to take 4-5s for the Barack Obama article on the beta cluster and production for a 2G connection.
I'd like to understand where the server side work is happening to make this so high as this accounts for the majority of first paint time.

Duration: 4hrs
Output: report (preferably for beta cluster environment) listing where time in code is spent organised by function.

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Is this a new perf regression relative to some time in the past? Is it only on cache misses?

@BBlack nothing new just keen to understand where all the processing is happening to identify ways to improve it.

Here's a profiled request of :

Note that this was captured on mw1017, which is configured for very verbose logging, so the time spent in logging-related code is inflated.

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Doesn't look like there is anything actionable here.